Welcome to the Art Gallery of James Ford Grant
a.k.a. Jim Grant,  (or current resident)
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jfg@metalfarm.net                                                                                        (707) 876 9611                         P O Box 265
Bodega, CA
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FREE RADICALS          Aug. 2011                                                                                                      51 x 61 x 6"      painted metal
   I have made pictures and visual objects for almost as long as I can remember.  I am as curious about how I see as what I'm seeing, how vision is both personal and universal, how changing a color or shape can change everything.  Over the years I've worked with a variety of visual media; the most recent objects have combined so that traditional categories are no longer a useful description. With this in mind, I've organized this site chronologically as well as by type of media.
  Unlike most things which are made and offered to fill the needs & desires of others, I have no intention of making a product for sale.  The things I make - visual objects - are what I want to look at, to see the effect of certain combinations of shapes and colors, both their eros & logos.  Pictures and sculptures hold still long enough to catch a glimpse.
  Some of my work is still showing me things that I haven't fully understood and I feel the need to keep them around until they and I are resolved.  Most others are available for sale, especially prints and photographs.  Some of the larger scale works such as  gates are commissions for a specific site. Feel free to inquire about any similar projects you may have in mind.  All of your comments and inquires are welcome.
Thank you for your attention.